Welcome To The FurGift Influencer Program!🐾

 Influencer Guidelines


Partners are asked to create and post TikTok videos that include the following:


🏷️ Tag us @fugiftofficial / @furgift and use #FurGiftPartner in your TikTok caption.


🐾 Highlight the features and benefits of our pet keepsake products. Be sure to share what makes our products special:

  • Suitable for dogs, cats and small pets.
  • No mess, no stains, no cleanup.
  • Pet-safe.
  • Clean-touch pad.
  • Pet memorial keepsake.
  • Create paw print tattoos.
  • Memorable and sentimental value.
  • Ideal for gift-giving.


Use our product category (pet keepsakes) to your advantage. We've found that there's a uniquely strong connection between pet owners and their furry friends, and this emotional bond can create engaging and viral content on TikTok. Our keepsakes celebrate that special relationship.


✨ Each of your videos should have different themes/formats like unboxing, testimonials, pet reactions, demonstrations, etc. Get creative and make it fun!

🎤 At least one of your videos should include your voice, sharing personal thoughts or a review of our products.

📅 Spread out your video postings every 2-3 days, not all at once!

🎁 The product itself should be the centerpiece of the video. Please show the FurGift product packaging in every video.

📌 If the @furgift @furgiftofficial TikTok account comments on your video, please pin and like the comment.

✅ All videos must be approved by us before posting. Send them to furgifting@gmail.com and save your content as a Draft in the meantime.

🔒 TikToks must remain permanent and cannot be deleted post-payment.

🐶 We are excited about extended partnerships! Exceptional content or performance will lead to continued collaboration. Please share other channels where you might promote FurGift.

❤️ You understand your audience best, so let your authenticity shine through. We appreciate unique and engaging content that resonates with pet lovers.



Influencer Checklist:


✔️ Sign up for our affiliate program below and generate your unique affiliate link.


✔️ Create a new tiktok account with our brand name included in the "@" 

examples/. "furgiftunboxed, tryfurgift, tryfurgiftprints, furgiftfans, furgiftkeepsakes, furgiftlovers, furgiftpaws, furgiftmemories, furgiftfriends..."


✔️ Your Tiktok bio should include a headline about our products/brand along with the link to your unique affiliate link to track the revenue brought in. Ensure the link is correctly set up and leads directly to our designated page. Test it on TikTok's backend to confirm it's actionable.

Tiktok Bio example/.

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✔️ Receive our products in the mail and start filming!

✔️ Create your Tiktoks 😄




Terms Of Agreement


Please review our clear terms:



  • You are 18 years of age or older at the time of posting.


  • You reside in and have a shipping address in the United States.


  • Content creation and posting occur promptly after receiving the product, unless specified.


  • Payment is made through PayPal after content completion, approval, and posting, unless specified.


  • Any inability to create and deliver obliges you to return the products or pay full retail value.


  • You will adhere to FTC disclosure guidelines listed here.


  • Content may be used in FurGift advertising campaigns, social media, and other platforms under FurGift's control.


  • Failure to adhere to the “Influencer Guidelines” and “Terms Of Agreement” may lead to legal action or payment refusal.



We're Excited To Work With You!