Nose Print Stamp Pads

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Like human fingerprints, each dog has a unique nose print! The Nose Print Stamp Pads can be used to create your dog's nose print!

The perfect pet gift for holidays, birthday, or just everyday! Capture those once-in-a-lifetime moments of your fur baby's prints forever, with this Nose Print Stamp Pad. It's easy, clean, and mess-free!   

  • Suitable for dogs, cats, and small pets
  • Pet's nose never touch the ink
  • No mess! Pet safe
  • A wonderful keepsake for your precious pet
  • Memorialize your pet's nose print forever with a tattoo



    Create lasting memories of your pets paw print without the mess and stains. A fun arts and crafts pet memory project for all the stages of your pet’s life. Ideal for creating framed prints, tattoo stencils, memorial projects, wall art, scrapbooks, frame keepsakes and more.


    Each package includes one ink pad and two imprint cards that can be used front and back. Choose from two Paw Print Stamp Pad sizes: Usable ink size 9.4 x 5.7 cm (S-M) or 12 x 7.5 cm (M-L).


    🐾 Unique sentimental gift idea

    🐾 Memorialize your pet

    🐾 Pet-safe

    🐾 Interactive

    🐾 For paw print tattoos

    🐾 No mess, no stains, no cleanup