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Paw Pad Wholesale Bundles

Paw Pad Wholesale Bundles

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Wholesale 🐶🐾🐱

Fur Gift's successful customers include retail stores, grooming shops, animal hospitals, kennels, trainers, humane societies, as well as other pet care professionals within the US and abroad.

Gift Idea 🐶🐾🐱

The coolest gift idea for pet owners! Get your precious pet’s paw print using the Paw Print Stamp Pad. The perfect gift for a holiday, birthday or just any day! Easy, clean and mess-free!

Celebrate Your Pet

Pet’s are family and it seems unfair that our pets’ lives are often so short. The best way to honor a pet is to celebrate their memory. Paw Print Stamp Pads are a special way to remember your dog or cat.

  • Suitable for dogs, cats and small pets.
  • No mess, no stains, no cleanup.
  • Pet-safe.
  • Clean-touch pad.
  • Pet memorial keepsake.
  • Create paw print tattoos.

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Paw Print Stamp Pads.

Reminding us of the joy and loyalty our furry friends bring to our lives.

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Nose Print Stamp Pads.

Unique like human fingerprints, acting as a remarkable identifier that sets them apart from every other pet in the world.

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Clay Print Kits.

Preserving precious memories of our beloved pets.

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Gift Idea

A wonderful gift for holidays, birthdays, or simply to celebrate the bond between humans and their furry companions every day.


Paw print tattoos serve as enduring reminders of the love, joy, and impact that pets have on our lives, and they provide a visible symbol of the deep connection we feel towards them.


Paw and nose prints are a way to keep our pets' memory alive. As time goes on, these prints become precious mementos that help us remember and honor our beloved companions, even after they have passed.


Paw and nose prints provide a beautiful and meaningful way to honor and memorialize a beloved pet, keeping their memory alive and providing a lasting source of solace and love.